The Burnt World of Athas

Session 22

"Is that Kalid-Ma's Wish?"

The group battled the Talon, a creature of strange powers that mirrored those from tales of the Dragon. He proved tough, as were his clones lying in ambush. The brutal battle ended with Chronicler and Mulses dead. It seemed for nothing as the original Talon headed out of the party's reach, but assistance from a wild shape and a bolt from the skies finally dropped him. With no time for proper rites, the survivors packed up the dead, including the Talon, whose skin was beginning to harden and his face becoming distorted.

Malachi did take the time to try to channel more energy into the tree to create a branch. He was unable to do so, but a seed did sprout high up in its branches, which he took with him. 

The group took stock of their situation and considered next steps:

-If the Talon had managed to send a message then the Dragon could be coming to investigate, destroy Tyr, eliminate the company, forcibly take his tribute, or any number of things depending on the nature of the message.

-Meanwhile the Urikites outside the city walls continue to prepare magic to bring Hamanu to Tyr and allow him easy return to Urik. The spell is nearing completion.

-The party had pieced together some of their earlier clues about what made Kalak resort to such extremes, who Melora is, what the spear is, what their role is, who the dark children are and what it means, but a lot of questions remained.

Rushing back up the ziggurat and to the Tower, the party found Tithian and retinue in the artifact room, carefully examining items and documents. One such note was an old parchment, tattered through time so there was only a scrap.

"uperstition, yet it springs up across Athas, across time periods,

lways this longing to find a creator or explain the world with a higher 


So I went looking for one. I, with the power to 

emake the world, made it my quest to find a god.

Yet for centuries I <u>roamed godless</u>."

The disembodied inspiration of Chronicler quickly figured the underlined part was an anagram. The Goddess Melora. Malachi examined the note and shared his thoughts. What if Melora is Rajaat, the only truly god-like power Athas has ever known.



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