Hafeeza Al-Matar

"Come rest in the shade of my parasol. I'll protect you from the sun."




The company had finally reached a place they considered safe enough to stop and attempt to patch the wounds from their most recent battle. They had only begun to dig herbs and rolls of linen from their packs when out of the waste walked a young woman. Her skin was pale and unblemished, as if it had rarely seen the sun. Over her head she held a strange parasol, its handle a stout staff at least 8 feet in length, and its shade made of a large turtle shell covered in bits of mirror and unusual markings. She knelt by the nearest company brother and placed her staff in sand between them so that they both sat under the shadows produced by the shining shell. As soon as he was fully in its shade his wounds began to knit together. She smiled at the surviving members of the company, “I think I’ll stay with you all for a while. This feels like where I am supposed to be”

Hafeeza Al-Matar

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