The Burnt World of Athas

Session 15

We're usually much more subtle than this

When the party reaches a safe place to rest Hafeeza turns to them looking stricken. "She's a liar. Epione lied to us.  The power to bring the dead back to life doesn't come from any goddess.  It's defilement.  I felt it when I healed DragonPaw.  When I heal as my mother taught me I draw power from the rain, the life that flows naturally through water.  Even in this dessert a connection to the vitality inherent to water exists and I draw healing energy through it.  But when I gave DragonPaw his life back I was suddenly connected to other people, people I've never met but know exist, and I hurt them.  I stole their life energy from them and gave it to DragonPaw, and once I had started I couldn't stop it.  I don't know how badly I injured them.  But I won't use this power again, it would make me no better than a Templar."

After some discussion Bright Eyes and Malachi become convinced that there was no actual defiling since the land was not harmed. But Hafeeza still refuses to continue using the spell unless she can control it or figure out what happened to the individuals she saw flashing before her.

Turning to their more immediate task, the kingslayers found themselves in an empty maintenance tunnel. After orienting themselves they headed along, believing they were passing under the arena and towards the golden tower. Afraid of what they would encounter at the tower, the party veered off at the first chance they had, briefly surveying a natural damp cavern before settling on exploring a series of underground storehouses. They storehouses were ancient, long abandoned, and connected as a web. A search by Kid uncovered some colored stones that were not natural and similar to those on the bodies of the Veiled Alliance ambushers.

The storehouses continued on and eventually connected to maintained and stocked basements. Searching a few uncovered no patterns, but eventually one housed goods stamped with the House Wavir imprimatur of a silver crodlu. Remembering that House Wavir's powerful merchant Aristophanes had ties with the Veiled Alliance, and had in fact commissioned with the party to bring the assassin Sukir to the Tyr, the party considered this as good a building to try as any. 

They were not disappointed. Kid crept up and recognized the voice of Hasan, the merchant that had sponsored Sukir and whom they had confronted with the stolen archival paperwork and gained a tenuous friendship with. Hasan was being harangued by a templar, who was giving himself discounts because of Hasan's inability to provide info about the woman who purchased antidotes on the night of the mass poisoning In the Warrens.

After he left, the party revealed themselves to a distraught Hasan. He briefly caught the party up to speed about the search for Hafeeza and in fact the entire parrty, and begrudgingly took possession on Sukir's body. He also explained the stones (the incidence of blue stones increases as you get closer to safety, red closer to danger and other such things). 

Faced with the possibility of fishing around underground for VA contacts or going to Tithian, the party dutifully chose to fulfill their contract, at Kid's urging. They donned disguises, blended into the crowd, and made for the wall. Security was much too tight however, and eventually some Tyrian Guard inspected them, found their excuses insufficient, and called forth Templars to decide the situation. Luckily the party came to learn these were Templars beholden to Templars Lord Agis. Unluckily the Templars shared that there was a warrant for them all for Murder, Promoting Anarchy, Treason, Regicide, and Conspiracy to commit those acts. After a brief pause where perhaps some magic or psionics was used by one of the Templars, the party was able to eventually convince the Templars to escort the party to Tithian for him to decide what to do. 

The plan went well until they were beset near their goal by a sizable force. Harkwood, the elder Templar, pained over what to do, but eventually cut the party loose and gave them back their weapons while commanding his accompanying guards to turn away.

A chase ensued across the tight alleys and winding rooftops of Tyr. Despite some near disasters drawing more attention to the party, they eventually slipped away and broke straight for the wall and into the waiting arms of Bertrand (one of Tithian's top guards).

Bertrand ushered the party to Tithian while he mocked them for the scene they created.



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