Personalities of Athas

Aristophanes – Wealthy Balican merchant in Altaruk. Presumably a major figure in the Veiled Alliance movement in Altaruk.

Demara – Merchant's wife traveling with her husband and infant in the Black Steppes. The party encountered her husband dying of wasting sickness and gave him a merciful death after accepting a contract to deliver to Tyr Demara, her child and a heavy chest emblazoned with House Vordon crest. Demara and her child would die amid the fighting between the group and Lucius' Templars outside Altaruk.

Kalak – Ogre Doom. Kalak the Great. (Disparingly, Kalak the Least, Kalak the Cruel). The Sorcerer-King of Tyr, Kalak has a reputation for being a cruel and capricious leader whose ineffectiveness as a governor is counterbalanced by his great power as a sorcerer and his control of the immense resources of Tyr. 

Lucius – One of the five Templar Lords of Tyr, Lucius is a powerful defiler. His agents were scouring the area around Blue Spring for the same man (Kyrie) that the party sought. The party foiled his agents and killed his Templar-Mage, Tamara. 

Tamara – A powerful sorceress in the service of Tyr and, more specifically, Lord Templar Lucius. She and her agents were killed tried to use the party to coax Shale's banshee into delivering them to Kyrie. Seeing no other way out, the party battled with Tamara, losing Watcher and their wards in the process, but felling the mage and her agents.

Tithian – High Templar of Tyr, ostensibly King Kalak's right hand. His reputation is the inverse of Kalak's, he is a seemingly unobtrusive and mediocre mage whose level headedness and effectiveness as a leader has made him the de facto general of the Tyrian forces. 



Personalities of Athas

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