Spell Restrictions

Rituals take an hour + spell time to cast, not 10 minutes.

PHB Spell List Changes:

Call Lightning: Creates dry lightning, not storm clouds.

Conjure Celestial is removed.

Control Weather is removed.

Create food and water: Level 4 spell. It creates 10 pounds of food and 8 gallons of water.

Create / destroy water: Level 2 spell. It creates 2 gallons of water and an additional 2 for each level above 2.

Creation: Pulls from the Gray. Cannot be used to create edible vegetable matter or metal.

Fabricate: Cannot be used to shape metal.

Fog cloud: In arid conditions can only create a "dust storm." Functions as normal.

Gate: Can only reach the Gray and the Black.

Goodberry: Level 2. Creates 2 berries. Expire after 8 hours.

Heroe's Feast: Level 7. Affects up to 6 creatures.

Ice Storm: The magic ice does not melt and dissipates after 6 seconds.

Planar ally is removed.

Plant growth is removed.

Purify food and drink cannot make non-potable water potable.

Raise dead is removed.

Reincarnate is removed.

Resurrection is removed.

Revivify is removed.

Sleet storm: creates a sand or dust or rock storm with identical effects. 

Tsunami: creates a wall of sand or dust or rock with identical effects.

Wall of ice : Magic ice doesn't melt and dissipates. 

Wish: If the first alternate ability is used to create water it creates 100 gallons of water.


Spell Restrictions

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