Champions of Rajaat

The Champions of Rajaat are fifteen humans selected and trained by Rajaat to become powerful psionists and sorcerers. Rajaat was betrayed by his champions.

1st Sacha of Arla “Curse of the Kobolds” - presumed dead, sided with Rajaat during the uprising.

2nd Kalak “Ogre Doom” – dealt with by the party, the living tree, and "Melora"

3rd Dregoth “Ravager of Giants” – killed by Hammanu, Kalak, and Sielba

4th Manu of Deche “Troll Scorcher” (Hamanu) - Hammanu rules Urik. Presumed to be one of the most powerful. Militarily powerful

5th Uyness of Waverly “Orc Plague” (Abalach-Re) – Abalach-Re rules Raam. Presumed to be one of the most powerful. Strategically brilliant.

6th Gallard “Bane of Gnomes” (Nibenay) - Presumed to be one of the most powerful. Scholarly, brilliant, and keeper of great knowledge.

7th Sielba “Destroyer of Pterrans” – Slain by Hamanu.

8th Albeorn “Slayer of Elves” (Androponis) – Rules Baltic.

9th Teckutilay “Wemic Annihilator” – Rules Draj.

10th Keltis “Lizard Man Executioner” (Oronis) - Presumed dead when his city-state, Kurn, was destroyed.

11th Inenek “Aarakocra Scourge” (“Lalali-Puy") – Rules Gulg. Considered a goddess "The Oba" by her citizens.

12th Wyan of Bodach “Pixie Blight” – Dead, sided with Rajaat during the uprising.

13th Borys of Ebe “Butcher of Dwarves” – Transformed into the Dragon of Tyr.

14th Daskinor “Goblin Death” – Unknown, Ruled Eldaarich for centuries until it ceased to be heard from.

15th Kalid-Ma “Tari Killer” – Presumed dead when Kalidnay was destroyed.

Champions of Rajaat

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