Free Companies

The Unfallen Host: This was the last legion formed by the King of Kalidnay, over 1000 years ago. The legion was abroad when disaster struck the city-state and destroyed it wholly. The soldiers, having no superiors or anywhere else to go, remained together as a free company. They continue to exist, centuries after Kalidnay's downfall. Their origins have also earned them the nickname Orhpan Company. 

The company takes membership seriously, accepting no recruit who does not freely take the Oath.  Allies can come and go from the company freely, but only membership grants full privilege to company stores and the ability to communicate in Orphan Tongue, a series of hand gestures, written symbols, and codes that company members use to pass information subtly. 

Emblem: Wings

Crimson Suns: This company enjoys a lucrative contract with Altaruk, a fortified keep protecting a deep aquifer along the well traveled crossroad between Tyr, Balic, and Gulg . Of course this prime location is also why this is the fifth iteration of Altaruk in recent history and why the last mercenary company to take this contract no longer exists. Emblem: A crimson sun

Eyes of Tyr: A company oft-used by Tyrian nobles looking for extra protection, the Eyes pledged to King Kalak never to accept contracts from anyone besides the Tyrian elite to ensure no outside influence from other city-states. In exchange, this ensures the Tyrians can use no other company within the city-state's limits. As the name suggests, they began as a spy organization created by Tyr's High Templar. Emblem: An eye with sword transposed in front.


Free Companies

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