Merchant Houses

House Gellantara: Based in Urik, Gellantara is openly militaristic and hostile to lesser houses that it targets for acquisition. Trade Goods: pottery, slaves (outside Tyr), weapons, hardwood, feathers, and hostages for ransom. Emblem: crossed black scimitars. 

House Vordon: Headquartered in Tyr, House Vordon is the region’s primary iron trader. Trade Goods: iron, weapons, artwork, textiles, and slaves (outside Tyr). Emblem: a black diamond.

House Wavir: Based in Balic, this house has good relations with the reigning government of Tyr. Trade Goods: grain, ceramics, precious metals, hardwood, gems, and exotic animals. Emblem: a silver crodlu.

House Shorn: Based in Nibenay, Shorn suffers from decadence and corruption. Trade Goods: obsidian, water, wood, art, and weapons. Emblem: three white dragonflies.

House Tsalaxa: Based in Draj, House Tsalaxa is known for blackmail, espionage, and assassination. Trade Goods: rope, grain, and “recovered” stolen cargo. Emblem: two glaring, bestial eyes.

House M’ke: Based in Raam, House M’ke fights to protect its trade routes and outposts from attacks and runs of “bad luck” orchestrated by Tsalaxa or Gellantara. Trade Goods: nuts, spices, and glassware. Emblem: a silver quill pen.

House lanto: A small Tyrian house formerly engaged exclusively in the slave trade, lanto is attempting to relaunch its business through speculative cargos. Trade Goods: none right now. Emblem: a green inix.

The N'Kosi Trading Collective: Ostensibly a merchant house specializing in weapons and militaristic services, rumors abound as to an ulterior purpose given the strict discipline and loyalty of its members. Emblem: Profile of a face with a slash across the emblem

Merchant Houses

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