The Veiled Alliance

A patchwork collective of cells in various cities throughout the tablelands, united in their goals of overthrowing the Sorcerer Kings, freeing slaves, and ending defilement. 

The party knows the first half of a code phase: "All are meant to be free."

Known members:

Sukir (deceased)  - a  presumably powerful warrior who struck Kalak with the heartwood spear.

Kyrie – Presumed member of the Veiled Alliance, carries a totem of a daggoran. Works with Aristophanes in Altaruk. Carried a packet that was the subject of the party's true purpose for being in the Black Steppes. 

Aristophanes – a wealthy Balican merchant in Altaruk who contracted with the company to transport Sukir to Tyr.

Hakar – the apparent leader of the VA in Tyr. Though there's a power struggle recently. He is earnest and perhaps a bit idealistic.

Shivrin – an elf and a "preserver" capable of bringing life back into the earth.

Nori – an acclaimed Mul gladiator who became free. Protective of Hakar and Shivrin and suspicious of the party. Gruff, stern.

Mariam – a half-elf loyal to Hakar. Naive seeming.

Cutter – a half-elf and former gang member, as many VA are, who openly mocked Hakar for his tactics in working with Tithian and the party and his general leadership tact. Broke off with a dozen or so of the Veiled Alliance.

Gwyn - a large, imposing figure of indiscernible race. Carries a totem of a Gaj. Sided with Cutter.

The Veiled Alliance

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